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    A fully qualified Subaru Technician can assist you 24 hours per day by phone for booking or enquirers or to assist you in the event of a breakdown.

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Quality Subaru Engine Rebuilds & Repairs

norrieAll drive Subaru is a premier supplier of all Subaru engines with over 18 years in Subaru engine rebuilds. We have the experience, expertise and the industry contacts in order to deliver a superior product.

As Australia’s largest Subaru engine overhaul and repair centre. We stock over 70 engines at any given time which makes us Australia’s number one choice when it comes to Subaru engine service, we can have you back in your car in no time. Our high quality of reconditioned/overhauled Subaru engines are sent across Australia.

Our engines are for both normal road use and for performance Subaru’s cars. Replacing an engine or overhauling your existing can seem overwhelming, do not be worried; speak to one of our Subaru technicians to understand the value and cost of what you are searching for.

All engines are dismantled, checked and reconditioned, this is the only way to check the condition of any engine. Many orders are fitted by our specialist mechanics and as well we offer a nationwide service as we ship across Australia and New Zealand for personal and professional orders.


To view our stock of engines for your Subaru please choose your car.

Your National Subaru Specialists

To have your Subaru engine repaired or serviced by a specialist mechanic Click Here or call (02) 9915 9900 now.

3 Questions to consider when deciding between a second hand replacement or a reconditioned engine.

  1. Can you tell if the second hand engine that you are buying has run low on engine oil? NO!
  2. Can you tell if the second hand engine that you are buying has over heated at some stage during its life? NO!
  3. Can you tell if the engine you are buying has had poor service history? NO!

5 Reasons to Choose a Reconditioned Engine.

  1. Subaru engine’s may all look the same, but there not. Subtle differences can cause major problems (our many years experience sets us apart and helps us to understand this).
  2. Second hand engines can have corrosion forming within the cylinder head gasket region and the only way to remove it and old cooling system water is to dismantle the engine completely (as occurs during reconditioning).
  3. Some fuels have corrosive properties. Secondhand engines can have abnormal or agressive wear on cylinder walls and piston rings.
  4. Some specific model engines have known inherited problems, such as oil consumption etc; this cannot be addressed in a second hand engine without dismantling and reconditioning.
  5. Without a complete re-build, the state of several critical engine parts will be unknown. In the worst case scenario your second hand engine may be in worst condition than your first!

So Why Use Us?

  • We have been rebuilding Subaru engines for 15 years. We have the experience and the industry contacts.
  • We build and rebuild Subaru engines nationally for road use and motor sports.
  • We are Australia’s largest Subaru ONLY engine/transmission overhaul and repair centre. We warranty and guarantee all of our work. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • All of our exchange reconditioned/refurbished Subaru engines are stripped; crack tested cleaned and reassembled using new OEM Subaru parts. Your new engine will be skilfully assembled ensuring all clearances are set to manufactures specifications. The quality of our workmanship ensures longevity of your new replacement engine.
  • High Standards; if anything does not comply with manufactures specifications then we do not use it. We have our own cylinder boring machine as local engineering shops could not achieve or maintain our desired specifications.
  • All reconditioned engines carry twelve months or 25,000 kilometer parts and labour warranty (conditions apply) Warranty does not cover problems attributable from modifications or neglect. Warranty is void if damage to the engine was due to other Components not serviced, repaired or renewed at the time of engine fitment; i.e. vehicles cooling system. (See terms and conditions)
  • Fitting service available; All Drive Subaroo offer an in house fitting service for every new reconditioned engine if required. During this time we conduct a failure assessment on your vehicle to determine the initial cause of engine failure.
  • After your new engine is fitted, each vehicles fuel system, cooling system and ignition system is checked for correct operation prior to releasing your vehicle.
  • We provide a loan vehicle free of charge (booking essential) and all vehicles are detailed so that they are like new on collection.