Welcome to All Drive Subaroo, Sydney’s pre-eminent Subaru service centre and engine repair and replacement specialists, located in Peakhurst, Australia. All Drive Subaroo evolved from Metro Mechanical, run by Niazi Helou, to become the biggest and most respected independent Subaru service center, parts supplier and gearbox and engine remanufacturer in Australia, with an international reputation for quality work and products.

ADS works hand in hand with Subaru dealers all over Australia to provide specialist services and products. The company has gone from strength to strength, forming alliances with premium auto engineering companies such as Cosworth and PPG to provide products for motorsport and other specialist applications.

Many hours have gone into research to identify inherent engine and gearbox weaknesses and to produce solutions. This led to the division of ADS into four specialist divisions and the development of many refinements in products and configurations. The team at ADS continuously moves with the times keeping up with all the latest industry developments.

Our Promise

Whether you drive an enthusiast machine or a family wagon, we cater for all your needs.

All Drive Subaroo offers a complete range of services including: servicing, problem solving, engine and transmission reconditioning, performance tuning of engines and suspensions and Subaru spare parts. So whether you need to keep a trusty old family wagon running sweetly, or you want to be King of the Hill at motorsport events, All Drive Subaroo has what you need.

All Drive Subaroo customers also benefit from our extensive trade contacts. We supply products to major players in the industry, with trade sales accounting for 40% of our business and 6% consisting of insurance subcontract work. This lower cost model flows on to our retail customers.

All Drive Subaroo has an ongoing commitment to research and development. We have conducted extensive research and development into Subaru issues and have developed methods for strengthening gearboxes and improving engine durability and efficiency.

About Us

Meet the team

The heart of ADS is the team, each member of which is specialist Subaru trained in his or her area. Between them they have 60 years of experience in Subaru sales service and manufacturing. That makes ADS a one-stop shop for all your Subaru needs.
Niazi Helou
Niazi Helou


Robert Mastroiani
Robert Mastroiani


Felicity Helou
Felicity Helou


Marie Jaja
Marie Jaja


Adam Morris
Adam Morris

Parts & Marketing

Chris Halvagi
Chris Halvagi

Team Leader

Gabriel Perugini
Gabriel Perugini

Senior Technician

Nick Mashkivskyy
Nick Mashkivskyy

Engine Assembler

Dimitar Dimitrov
Dimitar Dimitrov

Dismantling & Assessment

Isaac Fam
Isaac Fam

Engine & Transmission installer

David Charlesworth
David Charlesworth

Apprentice Mechanic Performance

Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan


Select from one of our four service and repair divisions

New & Used Parts

subaru gearbox parts

Biggest independent Subaru parts dealer in Aus with suppliers worldwide. Best on price & availability.

  • New and used parts Inventory
  • Quality OEM parts—check our prices
  • Best aftermarket parts
  • Performance parts
  • Electrical components
  • Packages & DIY Kits
  • World-wide delivery, nation-wide installation

ADS eBay Store

Subaru Gearboxes

Subaru CVT

Our specialist transmission team offers standard to motorsport transmissions, conversions & rebuilds.

  • Tech talk about Subaru transmissions
  • Dual range specialists
  • Viscous couplings best prices
  • 5 to 6 speed conversions
  • Subaru PPG motorsport gearbox
  • Subaru reverse drive agents
  • World-wide delivery, nation-wide installation

Gearbox Centre

Subaru Engines

subaru ez30 h6 6 cylinder engine

Subaru Engines Australia is a specialist arm of ADS, building Subaru engines configured to your needs. We deliver Australia wide.

  • Tech talk about Subaru engines
  • Find the ideal engine build level
  • Motorsport race engines
  • Industry best warranties
  • Headgasket permanent fix
  • Nation-wide fitting stations
  • World-wide delivery


Subaru Services

subaru car

Our Subaru specialists will take care of your Subie from routine services & diagnosis to major repairs.

  • Logbook schedule servicing
  • Brakes and wheel bearings
  • Competitive clutch repairs
  • Steering and suspension
  • Timing belts/chains
  • Malfunction codes, electrical diagnosis
  • Pre-purchase and safety checks

Service Centre

what our clientS say about us

Subaru WRX 2015 EJ2.5 Standard Engine “Anyone can change your oil but what you should be looking for is someone that properly services your car. The guys at ADS know and love Subarus and that’s why I trust ADS to look after my car.”

Dr Chris Griffith

Senior Process Chemist
ANSTO Minerals

This is a 99 Subaru STI Coupe from Orange Subaru. We built a Cosworth engine and a 6 Speed STI Transmission for it, along with a fair few adaptations, including modified manifolds and custom Haltech tuned ECU. When it left our shop it was making 300kw at the wheels and...

Organe Subaru

“Upgrading my Subaru with a forged Cosworth engine was not a decision I took on lightly and am happy to say my experience with All Drive Subaroo has exceeded my expectations. Not only was I impressed by the amount of technical knowledge/experience Niazi and the team provided but what really...

James Knighton

Hi Niazi – just thought I’d give you some updates on what I assume is the only dual-range FXT in Canada 🙂 Car is running great – I have about 25,000 kms on the gearbox without any issues (there is a rattle at idle that goes away when I depress...

David Bala

Montreal Bronze Limited
David Bala, President

I would like to extend my gratitude with your professionalism relating to my recent purchase. The guys (Peter and Gavin) at Meng were also extremely helpful and I would recommend their business for any future clients of yours in Mackay. Thank you all once again, it is refreshing to see...

Warren Bolton

Hey guys Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the service you provided me today. Was dealing with Nazi and what an easy bloke to communicate with. Ordered my turbo, gaskets and hose for a wrx and it is all in transit. That’s fast service in my eyes. Just...

Luke Singleton

Having bought a MY00 WRX (bugeye) without sufficient knowledge of the vehicle’s history and lack of maintenance routines that had been carried out on it over the years and several owners, I was in a sticky situation. Luckily, I stumbled across the details for All Drive Subaroo – the team...

Bruce Loveridge

Engineering Manager

My engine had issues with Cylinder 3 and lack of compression. So I did some research and found “All Drive Subaroo” online after searching for someone local to me in Melbourne. So I called up All Drive Subaroo and Niazi answered with a firm understanding and knowledge of Subaru’s and...

Glen Lonsdale

Hi Niazi, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work done on my Forester. I’ll be forwarding your workshop details to anybody and everybody I know who has a Subaru. My work contact details are listed in the signature of this email. If you ever need...


Engineering Manager

Hi ADS guys! Thanks for getting me back on the road so fast. I’ve had this car for three years, and it’s never gone as well as it does now–can’t hear it running in traffic, and it just eats hills. Getting your reconditioned 2.5 liter engine was the best decision...

Joanna Doe

Hi guys, Just spoke to Adam about my sister in-law’s, (Leanne Gordon), WRX that now holds the lap record at the Marulan Driver Training Centre. Home The previous track record was held by her husband Roger Gordon with a time of 47.863 in the same car, as shown in the...

Phil Stevens

If you own a Subaru in Sydney and don’t take it to these guys you are missing out. Unparalleled professionalism, Excellent workmanship, and all work done well within the given time frame. Have a few more planned mods for the future and i wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Nick Taylor

I recently had my02 wrx engine replaced, with an sti 03 remanefactured engine. I’m extremely impressed with all aspects of ADS peakhurst, they have gone above & beyond in high quality genuine subaru components & are extremely thorough with all aspects including customer service that comes with a smile. All...

Julian Garland

I had my WRX inspected here before I purchased it from a Subaru dealer. They managed to squeeze me in even though they had a busy schedule and found out a few things that I got the dealer to fix before the purchase. They couldn’t have been more helpful and...

Slogan 976

I recently had my Engine fail, and was looking for somewhere to build me a new engine. Upon looking around on the net, I found All Drive Subaroo, I saw they had engine packages available using Cosworth parts, a name that comes to mind when you think of motorsport. I...

Ryan Borrow

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