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    • Whatever your needs might be, there are no delays at All Drive Subaroo. With a huge inventory of OEM and remanufactured Subaru parts on hand, there’s no waiting and your repair or rebuild is done fast, no matter what model Subaru you own.
    • You can trust us. We’ve been in the business a long time, and we thrive on our reputation. We have the greatest Subaru knowledge base in Australia, right here under our roof, which means accurate diagnosis and straight answers.
    • Our crew are all Subaru trained specialists, and between them have every area of Subaru repair and servicing covered, and every area of the automotive business. Got a problem the others can’t solve without expensive trial and error? Come to us and get it done right the first time
    • Our rebuilt engines and gearboxes have a reputation across Australia for quality, and in some ways are better than new OEM Subaru units. Many dealers and suppliers prefer to buy from us and we have a network of industry customers across the continent.
    • Because we are flexible and resourceful in sourcing our parts, we can often beat Subaru Australia on price and delivery times. If you need something, come and see us. In the unusual event that we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find it for you quickly.

    Select from one of our four service and repair divisions

    Subaru Services

    subaru car

    Our Subaru specialists will take care of your Subie from routine services & diagnosis to major repairs.

    • Logbook schedule servicing
    • Brakes and wheel bearings
    • Competitive clutch repairs
    • Steering and suspension
    • Timing belts/chains
    • Malfunction codes, electrical diagnosis
    • Pre-purchase and safety checks

    Service Centre

    Subaru Engines

    subaru ez30 h6 6 cylinder engine

    Subaru Engines Australia is a specialist arm of ADS, building Subaru engines configured to your needs. We deliver Australia wide.

    • Tech talk about Subaru engines
    • Find the ideal engine build level
    • Motorsport race engines
    • Industry best warranties
    • Headgasket permanent fix
    • Nation-wide fitting stations
    • World-wide delivery


    Subaru Gearboxes

    Subaru CVT

    Our specialist transmission team offers standard to motorsport transmissions, conversions & rebuilds.

    • Tech talk about Subaru transmissions
    • Dual range specialists
    • Viscous couplings best prices
    • 5 to 6 speed conversions
    • Subaru PPG motorsport gearbox
    • Subaru reverse drive agents
    • World-wide delivery, nation-wide installation

    Gearbox Centre

    New & Used Parts

    subaru gearbox parts

    Biggest independent Subaru parts dealer in Aus with suppliers worldwide. Best on price & availability.

    • New and used parts Inventory
    • Quality OEM parts—check our prices
    • Best aftermarket parts
    • Performance parts
    • Electrical components
    • Packages & DIY Kits
    • World-wide delivery, nation-wide installation

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