High performance Turbo engine options

For turbo models there are more options, using Cosworth components. Cosworth engines are built to take it. If you’re going to work your Subaru hard, under heavy loads, in extreme environments, or at higher boost, the Cosworth equipped Subaru engine is a good choice for you. An ADS/Cosworth engine is durable and strong straight out of the box, and provides a platform for higher power outputs if required. Just how much power you might make with your Cosworth engine depends on a number of factors, including ECU, fuel delivery systems, intercooler and exhaust configurations. Package deals are available to produce up to 300 KW at the wheels.

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Services Subaru Engines Australia Offer

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Exchange engines in stock

We have more than 70 engines for all models on hand in all configurations ready to ship or fit.

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Engine installation center

We have a fully equipped service center and the best team of specialist engine installers in the business.

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DIY engine kits

All you need to build your own. We can guide you through the process, and supply all parts.

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Head gasket repair

Subaru boxer engines, espeially non-turbo models, are susceptible to head gasket failure. We repair, and upgrade.

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New and used engine parts

We are an independent wholesaler of Subaru parts with a full inventory of all Subaru engine parts.

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Cosworth sales and service

We are Cosworth stockists and have designed our own high performance Cosworth engines. We make it easy to go hard.



Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the more accurate our response will be.


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    Budget constraints
    Subaru Engines Australia offers multiple levels of engine rebuild to suit all budgets.
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    Purpose and driving style
    Are you a city or country driver? Is your car to be worked hard, or just on weekends?
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    Value for money
    Cost vs risk: take a chance on a replacement car, or fit a new gearbox to the one you know?
    Resale investment value
    How much will a new engine increase the resale value of your car?
    Peace of mind
    Subaru Engine Australia builds the most reliable Engines in the industry. Drive with confidence.
    Ongoing technical support
    When you buy an Engine from Subaru Engines Australia you get the best support in the country.
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