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To fit, or not to fit, that is the question

Your Subaru, sadly, needs a new engine, and you have wisely chosen ADS to supply it. The ADS factory and workshop at Peakhurst is a state-of-the-art facility, with five hoists and the most up-to-date tools and electronic equipment. We have scouted and employed the most esteemed professionals in the trade over many years, and developed unique teams of specialists for every individual department. This has resulted in clockwork efficiency of the highest quality for every ADS product that we manufacture. Because all areas of Subaru servicing, parts and factory are under the one roof, there are minimal delays; we have the fastest turnaround times in the business!

All Drive Subaroo provide can complimentary fully insured automatic Subaru loan vehicles, available for your convenience. We want your experience with us to be seamless and enjoyable so you can carry on with your daily activities without interruption. You only have to drop off your car and drive away. Note that if the loan car is required, it must be booked in advance.

Perhaps you live some distance from the ADS factory and service center at Peakhurst, or perhaps you have a closer mechanic who is able to install the engine for you. The question then is should you have ADS fit as well as supply the new engine?

Questions clients commonly ask with regard to Subaru engine replacement include:

  • What are the benefits of ADS installation of my replacement engine?
  • Does installation affect warranty?
  • What should be replaced along with the engine?
  • Is a replacement engine for my Subaru economically viable?

Benefits of ADS or approved service center fitment

Making the right decision about Subaru Engine Installation is as important as choosing the right Subaru replacement engine. When ADS fit a replacement engine, we first ensure the car itself is in good condition and that there are no problems that might cause the new engine to fail prematurely.

For that reason, before the installation of your replacement Subaru engine, ADS performs an obligation free assessment 90-point safety check. If your Subaru is not fit for investment an engine transplant you can choose either to rectify the problems and then go ahead with the engine replacement, or take your car home with no further obligation.

There are also issues with third party installers Warranties vary widely with different installers. Our warranty is one of the best in the business, for two reasons: first, because we build a high quality engine and we are confident it will be reliable and durable, and second, because we are scrupulous about prevention.

Be aware that expensive engines often fail when the cheapest of parts fails– a rubber belt, a thermostat, a water pump or cooling fan, or a piece of rubber hose– a $50 part causing a $5000 engine failure.

ADS have identified the most common causes of engine failure and we routinely inspect or replace vital ancillary components to ensure there is no recurrence of the problem that caused the engine failure. We have generated a basic list of items that we consider critical and that we carefully inspect and/or renew when installing your replacement Subaru Engine.

  • Radiator condition and verified correct operation
  • All cooling system water hoses renewed
  • Heater flow and operation
  • Main drive belts inspected and renewed if necessary
  • Engine management components inspected for correct operation
  • Service items such as oil and filter renewed
  • Fuel system delivery and operation
  • Other contributing factors that may cause engine failure

These are all elements of our standard procedure when installing a replacement Subaru engine.

Of course, if a third party technician installs your replacement engine, and the engine is subsequently damaged by failure of one of these ancillary components, ADS cannot cover under warranty. If we do the installation, we guarantee both work and product, so you are completely covered.

Value for money with ADS fitting, your essential vehicle assessment

When considering a major repair such as an engine replacement, particularly in an older vehicle, the owner must weigh costs and benefits. Often the price of a new engine plus fitting will exceed the market value of the car. Against this, you have to weigh the price of a replacement vehicle, less the scrap value of your old Subaru. Unless you replace with a new car, you might be buying the same problem in a short time. On the other hand, with an ADS reconditioned engine and fitting, you are buying peace of mind and long-term reliability. So in the long run, a new engine from ADS offers better value than a replacement vehicle.

We have approved fitting stations around Australia

It may not be feasible to bring the car to our Peakhurst workshop, in which case we have a nationwide network of approved partner installers who all work to our high standards. Each of our fitting agents has had a long term-relationship with All Drive Subaroo and has consistently delivered high quality work. A representative from All Drive Subaroo has visited and inspected each facility to ensure they are up to date and conform to our high standards. As demand for All Drive Subaroo’s products rises, the need for installation agents rises too, and we are adding new installers to our approved list every month. No matter where you are, we should have an authorised installer close by. If the installation is done by one of these approved centers, you can be assured of high quality work and the kind of attention to detail on which the ADS reputation is built.

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Nationwide vehicle transport (Car Carrier) available

The best guarantee you have of professional workmanship and reliability from your replacement engine is if ADS supplies and fits it as well. If you’re located too far from our Peakhurst factory and service center, that won’t be a problem at all! We have arrangements with some of Australia’s biggest logistics companies to pick up and deliver cars to or from our workshop anywhere in Australia, at surprisingly competitive rates. For example, the average price to bring a vehicle from Melbourne or Brisbane to Peakhurst is around $450, and takes approximately three days. This is a fully insured door-to-door service. We make all the arrangements for pick up and re-delivery if required.

Before you decide, maybe you’d like to check out the finely honed team who will be working on your Subaru and ready to answer any of your questions! There’s a link on the bottom of this page to our introduction video; feel free to meet the team and watch us work.

Nationwide freight service available

If it is not feasible to ship the car to us, we can deliver your replacement gearbox to any service center or address in Australia. Shipments are fully insured by TNT and they also pick up the exchange units. We make all arrangements and charge you the actual freight cost. Engines are strapped down and plastic wrapped on shipping pallets, and then freighted dry as per legal requirements. Exchange engines should be packed in a similar way. Prices vary with the delivery address. Shipping to urban freight depots is the least expensive, while delivery to rural areas or private addresses may cost more. Drivers will usually require assistance to unload or load the engine. If you want more information, feel free to call us and speak to our logistics team.

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Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the more accurate our response will be.


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    ANSTO Minerals

    This is a 99 Subaru STI Coupe from Orange Subaru. We built a Cosworth engine and a 6 Speed STI Transmission for it, along with a fair few adaptations, including modified manifolds and custom Haltech tuned ECU. When it left our shop it was making 300kw at the wheels and...

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    Hi Niazi – just thought I’d give you some updates on what I assume is the only dual-range FXT in Canada 🙂 Car is running great – I have about 25,000 kms on the gearbox without any issues (there is a rattle at idle that goes away when I depress...

    David Bala

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    David Bala, President

    I would like to extend my gratitude with your professionalism relating to my recent purchase. The guys (Peter and Gavin) at Meng were also extremely helpful and I would recommend their business for any future clients of yours in Mackay. Thank you all once again, it is refreshing to see...

    Warren Bolton

    Hey guys Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the service you provided me today. Was dealing with Nazi and what an easy bloke to communicate with. Ordered my turbo, gaskets and hose for a wrx and it is all in transit. That’s fast service in my eyes. Just...

    Luke Singleton

    Having bought a MY00 WRX (bugeye) without sufficient knowledge of the vehicle’s history and lack of maintenance routines that had been carried out on it over the years and several owners, I was in a sticky situation. Luckily, I stumbled across the details for All Drive Subaroo – the team...

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    My engine had issues with Cylinder 3 and lack of compression. So I did some research and found “All Drive Subaroo” online after searching for someone local to me in Melbourne. So I called up All Drive Subaroo and Niazi answered with a firm understanding and knowledge of Subaru’s and...

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    Engineering Manager

    Hi ADS guys! Thanks for getting me back on the road so fast. I’ve had this car for three years, and it’s never gone as well as it does now–can’t hear it running in traffic, and it just eats hills. Getting your reconditioned 2.5 liter engine was the best decision...

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    Hi guys, Just spoke to Adam about my sister in-law’s, (Leanne Gordon), WRX that now holds the lap record at the Marulan Driver Training Centre. Home The previous track record was held by her husband Roger Gordon with a time of 47.863 in the same car, as shown in the...

    Phil Stevens

    If you own a Subaru in Sydney and don’t take it to these guys you are missing out. Unparalleled professionalism, Excellent workmanship, and all work done well within the given time frame. Have a few more planned mods for the future and i wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    Nick Taylor

    I recently had my02 wrx engine replaced, with an sti 03 remanefactured engine. I’m extremely impressed with all aspects of ADS peakhurst, they have gone above & beyond in high quality genuine subaru components & are extremely thorough with all aspects including customer service that comes with a smile. All...

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    I had my WRX inspected here before I purchased it from a Subaru dealer. They managed to squeeze me in even though they had a busy schedule and found out a few things that I got the dealer to fix before the purchase. They couldn’t have been more helpful and...

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