The Company and the People

Subaru Engine Australia is a division of All-drive-Subaroo (ADS™). ADS™ started as Metro Speed and Sound, (MSS) specialising in performance modifications and rebuilds, owned by Niazi Helou. MSS evolved into a purely mechanical workshop, renamed Metro Mechanical, was quickly outgrew its modest facilities in Lugarno as it became oriented more and more towards Subaru service and repairs. Niazi’s engineering interest was turning towards gearbox and engine remanufacturing, and he had a number of ideas to improve the Subaru OEM products. The result was All Drive Subaroo, which grew rapidly and divided into four divisions: Subaru Engine Australia, Subaru Gearbox Australia, Subaru Parts, and Subaru Service. ADS™ now employs 18 full time staff, in the workshop, factory and admin areas. The company is unique in that everyone working full time at the Peakhurst facility, including those manning the phones, is a fully trained and experienced Auto Tech. For the customer, this means good advice when it’s needed and the right answers.

Remanufacturing and redesign

Subaru Engine Australia provides a wide selection of Subaru turbo and non-turbo model engines at three levels of rebuild, and in five configurations, short, long bare, long dressed and turnkey or “crate” engine. We have up to 50 exchange engines on the shelf ready for despatch daily. Our reconditioned and remanufactured engines incorporate revised pistons, rings and head gaskets to address inherent weaknsses in the factory engines. . Subaru Engine Australia’s motto is research, revise, enhance.

Parts and Support

As well as service, repair, and remanufacture we are also Australia’s largest independent Subaru parts supplier with new and used engine parts in stock for all models. So whether you are a DIY mechanic looking to build or repair your own engine or a mechanical workshop looking for competitively priced high quality OEM or after market parts, Subaru Engine Australia has got you covered. We also offer full time technical support from our team of engine specialists to assist you through every stage of your project.

Do you own a Mechanical Workshop?

Our trade links have expanded nationally with interstate fitment stations to provide full remove-repair-and refit services to trade customers not confident in carrying out repairs to Subaru cars. Fitting stations are chosen carefully to meet our business objectives and values. If you are a Sydney Metro based business we can provide direct free pickup and delivery service.

42 Stanley St, Peakhurst, NSW 2210 Australia

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Sales & Technical –

Subaru Engine Assemblies, from Standard to High Performance

Building a Reliable Standard Subaru Engine

For the day-to-day driver we have in stock a range of replacement standard engines on an exchange basis at three build levels, rebuilt, reconditioned and remanufactured. Across the industry there is a wide variety of replacement engines on offer and the quality varies enormously. At ADS we have worked long and hard to develop a remanufacturing technique that produces engines that are of consistent high quality, and that address known weaknesses. The result is a remanufactured engine that is actually superior to the OEM original. We recognise also that customer needs vary, so we also offer two lower levels of engine rebuild that are also of consistent quality. Each level comes with a different warranty depending on the process employed. Subaru Engine Australia’s guarantees are all nationwide.

Check out our different engine processes and warranties for turbo and non-turbo models

  • Level one engine warranty is limited to 6 months or 25 000km whichever comes first
  • Level two engine warranty is 12 months or 25 000km whichever comes first
  • Level three engine warranty is a massive 24 months or 50 000km whichever comes first, if the engine is installed by All Drive Subaroo

Building High Performance Subaru Engines

When comparing our high quality engines and warranties you will find that Subaru Engines Australia is very competitive, especially for our Cosworth performance range. With Cosworth components, and the knowledge and experience of Niazi and his team of specialist engine builders, ADS have produced engines that greatly exceed OEM specifications and will satisfy the demanding driver and the most extreme applications. Whether you’re a professional racing driver, or a keenly competitive enthusiast, our Cosworth engines can give you the edge. We can usually ship one of our high performance Cosworth engines within 5 days. We have four levels of performance engine available

ADS/Cosworth High Output Subaru Performance Engines:

These are much stronger and more reliable than the factory engine, and with the potential to support significant increases in power if desired. The ADS/Cosworth standard stroke Street Tuff engine is suitable for daily drivers who might want a stronger engine for robust reliability, or for an enthusiast who wants to tune his engine. Any performance boost will depend on the size and design of the turbo used, the ECU software configuration, and many other variables.

  • EJ20 Standard Stroke Cosworth Street Tuff Engine
  • EJ25 Standard Stroke Cosworth Street Tuff Engine

ADS/Cosworth Street/Strip Subaru Stroker Engines:

These are stroked engines with forged internals for increased strength and durability. The longer stroke gives more performance without further modifications, and with the potential to handle much more power. This is the perfect performance engine for customers that want the most on the street and at the track. This is the engine setup you need if you want to extract high RPM and maximum power.

  • EJ20 2.1L Stroker Cosworth Street and Strip Engine
  • EJ25 2.6L Stroker Cosworth Street and Strip Engine

New and Used Parts plus service

ADS has a large and very busy parts division, which means we have on hand at all times a large range of new engine parts. Because we are also an engine remanufacturing outlet, we also have a large stock of used parts from exchange engines. As well as greater choice than other parts outlets, we also have a team of engine specialists with in-depth knowledge of Subaru engines and peripherals. This means we can diagnose your Subaru’s problem, identify the parts you need and supply them quickly and efficiently. As we are a full-service company, we also offer follow up support and advice, for example, in fitting your new parts or assisting with any problems you might have after installation.


Some of the engine parts we have in stock include:

  • Engine blocks EJ255 and 257, EZ30 and EZ36
  • Subaru factory built short block assemblies
  • New high performance oil pumps
  • Multiple types of Subaru crankshafts
  • All model cylinder heads, reconditioned, exchange
  • Multiple types and brands of pistons
  • Camshafts, standard and performance
  • Standard Head bolts and head stud kits
  • Subaru Inlet and exhaust manifolds
  • Subaru Engine gasket and seal kits
  • Subaru Standard and performance engine bearings
  • Engine valves and springs

We are an official Cosworth stockist with many Cosworth parts including:

  • Cosworth forged pistons
  • Cosworth forged con rods
  • Cosworth crankshafts
  • Cosworth camshafts
  • Cosworth valves and springs
  • Cosworth cylinder head stud kits
  • Cosworth cylinder head assemblies
  • Cosworth cold air intake
  • Cosworth cylinder head gaskets
  • Cosworth engine bearings and rings
  • Cosworth standard stroke engines
  • Cosworth stroked engines
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Why trust Subaru Engines (ADS) Australia?

Ethical Customer service

Be wary of dodgy engine shops offering reconditioned Subaru engines. Some don’t even list addresses or phone numbers, making it difficult to make warranty claims. All Drive Subaroo is a reputable, well-established business based on honesty, with Christian focused values and is recommended by many Subaru dealers Australia wide and hundreds of workshops. We’ll ask you the right questions and listen carefully to your needs to ensure you are delivered an engine that you can be proud of at a price that will make you smile!

Training and support

All our techs have been doing this for a long time, and have been specialist trained. They all take pride in the quality of their work, and love doing what they do. This ensures you will get the best engine human hands can build. All Drive Subaroo doesn’t just sell engines, we also offer technical support and assistance throughout the process and afterwards. Before you commit to an engine, we can talk you though all the available options. Once you’re back on the road, we are ready to assist with any questions you might have about the running and maintenance of your new engine.

Top quality parts

Many performance parts suppliers and engine builders around the world sell cheap, inferior products marketed as premium. It’s our aim to make sure that our products are the best available. In production too we aim to be the best. All Drive Subaroo don’t just put engines together like Lego blocks. We’ve carefully thought out all our setups, and spent hundreds of hours of building and testing to produce the optimum in performance potential and durability. Our Cosworth EJ20/25 Engine setups have gone through countless hours of dyno evaluation to determine the best combination of parts.

Warranty and technical support

We offer the best warranty terms in the business. We are able to do this because of the solid ethical principles we operate under, because we use only the highest quality OEM Subaru or aftermarket components, and because we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we are confident our products will not fail. Also, when you drive out with an All Drive Subaroo remanufactured engine, you have not only the best warranty in the business, but the best ongoing technical support. If you have any questions or problems with your Subaru engine, even if they are not related to the quality of the ADS product, we’ll be there to help.

Choices and Consequences

When you need a new engine, there are many choices. There are benefits and risks attached to each option. A used engine is the biggest risk. You might get an engine that is about to fail. With all the costs of purchase and installation, a big risk to take. A rebuilt engine is safer. Defective components are replaced with hand-picked used or new parts, all inspected and tested. A reconditioned engine has major components renewed, and comes with a good warranty. The remanufactured engine contains new and revised parts to produce better-than-new performance and longevity. These come with the best warranty, and virtually no risks.

ADS quality oversight

Some used engine blocks are in good shape and ready for rebuild. Others might have hard-to-see defects that make them unsuitable. ADS choose very carefully which engine blocks can be machined and which are for the bin. All remanufactured non-turbo engines are built with improved brand new redesigned engine cases providing the maximum possible reliability and longevity. All remanufactured engines contain a brand new hardened Subaru crankshaft and brand new connecting rods. All Subaru non-turbo EJ25 engines are built with our own revised multi-layer head gasket for durable sealing and ultimate long life.




Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the more accurate our response will be.


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    what our clientS say about us

    Subaru WRX 2015 EJ2.5 Standard Engine “Anyone can change your oil but what you should be looking for is someone that properly services your car. The guys at ADS know and love Subarus and that’s why I trust ADS to look after my car.”

    Dr Chris Griffith

    Senior Process Chemist
    ANSTO Minerals

    This is a 99 Subaru STI Coupe from Orange Subaru. We built a Cosworth engine and a 6 Speed STI Transmission for it, along with a fair few adaptations, including modified manifolds and custom Haltech tuned ECU. When it left our shop it was making 300kw at the wheels and...

    Organe Subaru

    “Upgrading my Subaru with a forged Cosworth engine was not a decision I took on lightly and am happy to say my experience with All Drive Subaroo has exceeded my expectations. Not only was I impressed by the amount of technical knowledge/experience Niazi and the team provided but what really...

    James Knighton

    Hi Niazi – just thought I’d give you some updates on what I assume is the only dual-range FXT in Canada 🙂 Car is running great – I have about 25,000 kms on the gearbox without any issues (there is a rattle at idle that goes away when I depress...

    David Bala

    Montreal Bronze Limited
    David Bala, President

    I would like to extend my gratitude with your professionalism relating to my recent purchase. The guys (Peter and Gavin) at Meng were also extremely helpful and I would recommend their business for any future clients of yours in Mackay. Thank you all once again, it is refreshing to see...

    Warren Bolton

    Hey guys Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the service you provided me today. Was dealing with Nazi and what an easy bloke to communicate with. Ordered my turbo, gaskets and hose for a wrx and it is all in transit. That’s fast service in my eyes. Just...

    Luke Singleton

    Having bought a MY00 WRX (bugeye) without sufficient knowledge of the vehicle’s history and lack of maintenance routines that had been carried out on it over the years and several owners, I was in a sticky situation. Luckily, I stumbled across the details for All Drive Subaroo – the team...

    Bruce Loveridge

    Engineering Manager

    My engine had issues with Cylinder 3 and lack of compression. So I did some research and found “All Drive Subaroo” online after searching for someone local to me in Melbourne. So I called up All Drive Subaroo and Niazi answered with a firm understanding and knowledge of Subaru’s and...

    Glen Lonsdale

    Hi Niazi, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work done on my Forester. I’ll be forwarding your workshop details to anybody and everybody I know who has a Subaru. My work contact details are listed in the signature of this email. If you ever need...


    Engineering Manager

    Hi ADS guys! Thanks for getting me back on the road so fast. I’ve had this car for three years, and it’s never gone as well as it does now–can’t hear it running in traffic, and it just eats hills. Getting your reconditioned 2.5 liter engine was the best decision...

    Joanna Doe

    Hi guys, Just spoke to Adam about my sister in-law’s, (Leanne Gordon), WRX that now holds the lap record at the Marulan Driver Training Centre. Home The previous track record was held by her husband Roger Gordon with a time of 47.863 in the same car, as shown in the...

    Phil Stevens

    If you own a Subaru in Sydney and don’t take it to these guys you are missing out. Unparalleled professionalism, Excellent workmanship, and all work done well within the given time frame. Have a few more planned mods for the future and i wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    Nick Taylor

    I recently had my02 wrx engine replaced, with an sti 03 remanefactured engine. I’m extremely impressed with all aspects of ADS peakhurst, they have gone above & beyond in high quality genuine subaru components & are extremely thorough with all aspects including customer service that comes with a smile. All...

    Julian Garland

    I had my WRX inspected here before I purchased it from a Subaru dealer. They managed to squeeze me in even though they had a busy schedule and found out a few things that I got the dealer to fix before the purchase. They couldn’t have been more helpful and...

    Slogan 976

    I recently had my Engine fail, and was looking for somewhere to build me a new engine. Upon looking around on the net, I found All Drive Subaroo, I saw they had engine packages available using Cosworth parts, a name that comes to mind when you think of motorsport. I...

    Ryan Borrow


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