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Subaru Engine Australia

Subaru Engines Australia is a leading supplier of replacement Subaru engines with 20 years in Subaru engine remanufacturing and parts distribution. We have devoted hundreds of hours to research and development to determine the best solutions for different needs, and to address inherent weaknesses. We stock over 70 engines, including WRX, STI, Liberty GT and diesel engines in long and short block configurations.

The selection of a repalcement engine can be confusing, with a range of products from different manufacturers, that differ greatly in terms of quality, build level and price. Subaru Engines Australia have developed a three tier engine rebuilding technique that addresses all possible needs, from the budget rebuilt engine for a quick economical solution, to the fully remanufactured and revised engine for long term strength and reliability. We also offer the superstrong ADS/Cosworth engine for demanding performance applications.

Whether you are a DIY mechanic looking to build or repair your own engine, or a mechanical workshop looking for competitively priced, high quality OEM and after-market parts, Subaru Engine Australia has got you covered. We also have full-time technical support available from the most knowledgeable independent engine specialists in Australia, who will guide you through the most complex projects.

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