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Subaru Gearbox Australia is a leading supplier of replacement Subaru gearboxes with 20 years in Subaru gearbox remanufacturing and distribution. We have devoted hundreds of hours to research and development to determine the best solutions for different needs, and to address some well-known inherent weaknesses, particularly in earlier turbo models. We have developed a revised and strengthened five speed box that provides a more durable alternative to a stock replacement, and also offer six speed STI conversions. We have on hand over 50 gearboxes, including WRX, STI, Liberty GT and diesel in various build levels. We are Australia’s largest Subaru-only gearbox remanufacturer.

Subaru Gearbox Australia are now agents for Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) and for the serious motorsport enthusiast or professional race team we can offer a full range of super-strong billet steel helical snychro or straight cut dog engagement boxes to suit the most demanding applications. Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes

We are also Australia’s largest independent gearbox parts wholesaler, so whether you are a DIY mechanic looking to build or repair your own gearbox, or a mechanical workshop looking for competitively priced, high quality OEM and after-market parts, Subaru Gearboxes Australia has got you covered. We also have full-time technical support available from the most knowledgeable independent gearbox specialists in Australia, who are available to guide you through the most complex projects.

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