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Subaru gearbox Australia is a division of All-drive-Subaroo (ADS™). ADS™ started as Metro Speed and Sound, (MSS), owned by Niazi Helou, specialising in performance modifications and rebuilds. MSS evolved into a purely mechanical workshop, renamed Metro Mechanical, and quickly outgrew its modest facilities in Lugarno as it became oriented more and more towards Subaru service and repairs. Niazi’s engineering interest was turning towards gearbox and engine remanufacturing, and he had a number of ideas to improve the Subaru OEM products. The result was All Drive Subaroo, which grew rapidly and divided into four divisions: Subaru Engine Australia, Subaru Gearbox Australia, Subaru Parts, and Subaru Service. ADS™ now employs 18 full time staff, in the workshop, factory and admin areas. The company is unique in that everyone working full time at the Peakhurst facility, including those manning the phones, is a fully trained and experienced Auto Tech. For the customer, this means good advice when it’s needed and the right answers.

Remanufacturing and redesign

Subaru Gearbox Australia provides a wide selection of Subaru turbo and non-turbo model gearboxes and automatic transmissions and has over 50 exchange gearboxes on the shelf ready for despatch daily. Our reconditioned and remanufactured gearboxes for early five-speed turbo models incorporate selected stronger gear sets to address inherent weaknesses in second and third gears. We can also do six-speed STI conversions. Subaru Gearbox Australia’s motto is research, revise, enhance.

Parts and Support

As well as service, repair, and remanufacture we are also Australia's largest independent Subaru parts supplier with new and used gearbox parts in stock for all models. So whether you are a DIY mechanic looking to build or repair your own gearbox or a mechanical workshop looking for competitively priced high quality OEM or after market parts, Subaru Gearboxes Australia has got you covered. We also offer full time technical support from our team of gearbox specialists to assist you through every stage of your project.

Do you own a Mechanical Workshop?

Our trade links have expanded nationally with interstate fitment stations to provide full remove-repair-and refit services to trade customers not confident in carrying out repairs to Subaru cars. Fitting stations are chosen carefully to meet our business objectives and values. If you are a Sydney Metro based business we can provide direct free pickup and delivery service.
Please click here to select your vehicle for specific information
If you need routine Subaru maintenance, simple gearbox repairs, or a complete gearbox rebuild, you can be sure that there is a Subaru gearbox expert waiting to speak with you and resolve your gearbox issues. Call us now 02 9915 9900 or 0420 319 049

42 Stanley St, Peakhurst, NSW 2210 Australia

Admin & Accounts – admin@alldrivesubaroo.com.au

Sales & Technical – info@alldrivesubaroo.com.au

Subaru Gearbox, from standard application to motorsport

At ADS we have worked long and hard to develop revised and custom gearbox assemblies that are of consistent high quality, address known weaknesses, and meet special needs. The result is a range of gearbox options from strengthened replacement five-speeds, to six-speed STI conversions and low-range conversions for off-road use with Impreza, Forester, Liberty and Outback.

Building a more Robust five-speed (Hybrid Spec II) for street use

The five speed Subaru gearbox is by far the biggest selling and most popular gearbox in the Subaru range, but has been known to suffer failures of second and third gears and other issues in turbo models after high mileage or when driven hard under high boost. Subaru Gearbox Australia have put in many hours of research finding and adapting a combination of gears from selected local and Japanese models that are considerably stronger and more durable than the OEM originals. The result is the ADS Hybrid SPEC II gearbox, the toughest OEM Style gearbox available today, maintaining a perfect balance of strength and durability, which allows the user to mildly increase power output without jeopardising gearbox reliability and performance. The Hybrid Spec II transmission comes with up 12 months warranty conditional on applications and is available for daily dispatch. All Drive Subaroo also have other stronger transmissions available for specialised motorsport applications. Please click to see all our options.  

6 speed conversions to suit 5 speed vehicles

With the advent of the 6MT transmission in the STI range, Subaru came up with its best gearbox to date, a gearbox that cemented their reputation as a true performance car. Now this gearset is available as a conversion for five-speed models and has become a popular conversion for motorsport applications where it has enjoyed great success. The STI gear set is stronger and more engaging to drive than the five-speed original, lasts longer, and is an ideal upgrade for the enthusiast, conservatively rated for 300 Kw at the wheels, with various ratios available. The 6MT conversion package comes complete with rear differential, tail shaft, shifter, clutch kit and all other components required depending on model. The 6mt gear box conversion can be purchased with or without brake and hub components depending on the application. This conversion is suitable for almost all Subaru models with 5mt. The ADS gearbox team is the best in the business and will see you through the whole process from ordering to installation. At ADS, we have conversion gearboxes in stock and can despatch daily depending on model. Please click to see our more detailed 6MT product page.

Building “All Terrain” dual range Subaru transmissions

Over the years we have seen increasing demand for an off-road low-ratio gearbox for Subarus, especially Forester XT turbo and non-turbo models. We can deliver transmissions with 1.447 or 1.196 high/low ratio and will soon have available a 1.6 low range for extreme use. The dual range AWD is unique to Subaru and is great for the off-road enthusiast. We offer this option in three configurations, for applications ranging from mild off-road excursions to full-on off-road motorsport. For the DYI enthusiast All Drive Subaroo have designed a dual range kit to convert your single range 5MT to dual range with ease. The kits may be purchased as a complete assembly for swap and go or in pieces with installation instructions. Performance dual range transmissions come in three different build levels for different applications.
  • Ultimate Tourer - This is a remanufactured gearbox with a 1.447 low range gear set, gear-type limited slip differential, and revised fifth gear for economical touring.
  • Ultimate performer - Very short 1st gear with shorter 1.447 low range gear, limited slip diff, and dual synchro-cone for 1st gear enabling better selection on the roll.
  • Ultimate Warrior Virtual “crawler” 1st gear with 1.61 low range gear set and a 4.4 final drive ratio. Clutch-type Limited slip diff for extreme application.
If you’re a serious off-roader then you can’t go past the ultimate warrior

Helical, straight cut or dog engagement billet gear sets

For specialist motorsport applications we at ADS source our gear sets from a top quality Australian manufacturer, Pfitner (PPG). PPG have had international success, producing high-quality gear sets to the highest global standards for use in race, rally and street competition. Pfitner produce distinctive tooth profiles with a reputation, internationally and locally as tough, reliable, and near unbreakable. There are three different types of Pfitner billet gear sets available depending on horse power, application and budget:
  • The helical synchronizer mesh gear box is strong and suitable for street and strip
  • The straight cut synchronizer gearbox is stronger still and for mainly motor sport use
  • The straight cut dog engagement gearbox is the strongest gear box but is suitable only for motor sport use
For details of our motorsport gearbox options click here.

New and Used Parts plus technical support

ADS has a large and very busy parts division, which means we have on hand at all times a large range of remanufactured and rebuilt gearbox and parts. Along with this wide choice and availability, we have a team of gearbox specialists with in-depth knowledge of Subarus. This means we can diagnose your Subaru’s problem, identify the parts you need and supply them quickly and efficiently. As we are a full-service company, we also offer follow up support and advice, for example, in fitting your new parts or assisting with any problems you might have after installation.
Some of the gearbox parts we have in stock include:
  • Turbo and non turbo housings
  • Assembled and non-assembled gear sets
  • Centre differentials or viscous coupling assemblies
  • Front differential hemispheres
  • All gear box bearings and kits
  • Synchronizers and kits
  • Gasket seals and kits
  • Hub and sliders
  • Forks and shift rods
  • Shims, nuts and blots
  • Speedo transducer and parts
  • Valve body assemblies, new and used
Cal ADS on 02 9915 9900 or 0420 319 049 for more

STI 6 speed parts blues

Because of the many variations in 6-speed boxes, dealers and independent parts suppliers do not hold 6-speed parts in stock and they are difficult to obtain quickly, even from the dealers. Because we are independent and able to use a wide variety of sources nationally and internationally, we have been able to build up good stock levels. All STI 6-speed parts are in stock and ready to go.

7 reasons to shop with Subaru Gearbox Australia

  • Wide selection of Subaru turbo and non-turbo model 6-speed gearboxes
  • Over 50 exchange gearboxes on the shelf ready for despatch daily.
  • Better than new remanufactured gearboxes
  • Motorsport options for the enthusiast
  • 5 to 6-speed STI conversions
  • Huge network of suppliers around the world
  • Custom gearboxes for niche applications

Why Trust Subaru Gearbox (ADS) Australia?

Ethical Customer service

Be wary of dodgy transmission shops offering reconditioned Subaru manual gearboxes and auto transmissions. Some don’t even list addresses or phone numbers, making it difficult to make warranty claims. All Drive Subaroo is a reputable, well-established business based on honesty, with Christian focused values and is recommended by many Subaru dealers Australia wide and hundreds of workshops. We’ll ask you the right questions and listen carefully to your needs to ensure you are delivered or installed a gearbox that you can be proud of at a price that will make you smile!

Training and support

All our gearbox techs have been doing this for a long time, and have been specialist trained. They all take pride in the quality of their work, and love doing what they do. This ensures you will get the best gearbox or automatic transmission human hands can build. All Drive Subaroo doesn’t just sell gearboxes, we also offer technical support and assistance throughout the process and afterwards. Before you commit to a replacement transmission, we can talk you though all the available options. Once you’re back on the road, we are ready to assist with any questions you might have about ongoing running and maintenance.

Top quality parts

Many performance parts suppliers and transmission builders around the world sell cheap, inferior components marketed as premium. It’s our aim to make sure that our products are the best available. In production too we aim to be the best. All Drive Subaroo don’t just put gearboxes together like Lego blocks. We’ve carefully thought out all our setups, and spent hundreds of hours of building and testing to produce the optimum in reliability and durability. Whether you are looking for something that will transfer 300 Kw to each wheel, or simply a smooth and reliable replacement tranny for your daily driver, we have what you need.

Nation Wide Warranty and technical support

We offer the best warranty terms in the business. We are able to do this because of the solid ethical principles we operate under, because we use only the highest quality OEM Subaru or aftermarket components, and because we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we are confident our products will not fail. Also, when you drive out with an All Drive Subaroo remanufactured gearbox, you have not only the best warranty in the business, but the best ongoing technical support. If you have any questions about or problems with your Subaru gearbox or auto transmission, we’ll be there to help.

Choices and Consequences

When you need a new manual gearbox or auto transmission, there are many choices with benefits and risks attached to each option. A used gearbox is the biggest risk. You might get one that is about to fail, which, with all the costs of purchase and installation, is a big risk to take. A rebuilt gearbox is safer. Defective components are replaced with hand-picked used or new parts, all inspected and tested, major components renewed, and the product comes with warranty. The remanufactured gearbox contains new and revised parts to produce better-than-new operability and longevity. These come with the best warranty, and virtually no risks.

ADS quality oversight

To build the best gearbox we start by getting the best used cases. Some are in good shape and ready for rebuild. Others might have hard-to-see defects that make them unsuitable. ADS choose very carefully which gearbox cases can be rebuilt, reconditioned, or remanufactured and which are for the bin. Our experts run their very experienced eyes carefully over each component to be sure it is well within manufactures wear tolerances. If not, it goes in the bin. All gearboxes are built with the latest revisions included to address as far as possible any inherent weaknesses.

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

All repairs are guaranteed for 8 months or 15,000kms whichever comes first.

Cost varies depending on the Gearbox fault, but we provide an obligation free dismantle and quote service.

Symptoms and descriptions vary considerably depending on the driver’s mechanical understanding. We cannot guarantee accurate diagnosis under these conditions.

We prefer not to cut corners. “Cheap” repairs can become very expensive and create a lot of disappointment. We would rather offer our customers a cost efficient repair that will honour the warranty and meet your expectations.

Yes we can discuss repair methods, and arrange pick up and delivery of your Gearbox to any repairer.

99.9% no, as we keep most parts in stock at all times.

Cost varies depending on the gearbox fault. However we provide an obligation-free dismantle and quote service .

Ask for a reference from our Trade customers.

Yes we fix all Subaru gearboxes even up to the latest models such as CVT Lineartronic and Subaru BRZ-Toyota TL70, TX6 Gearboxes.

Yes we can supply you with exchange units that are ready to go.

We always request the vehicles VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)

We recommend that any warranty is taken care of at our Interstate Fitting Stations where available)




Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the more accurate our response will be.


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