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The Subaru Levorg (2016-current) is a mid-size car based on the WRX and turbo Liberty platforms. The name originated by combining legacy, revolution and touring.
The Levorg was only released with the FA20DIT engine with an 8 speed CVT transmission.
Being the first of its kind released by Subaru, The vehicle was under intense scrutiny from the word ‘Go’ The Levorg was assembled to compete with other manufacturer’s sports wagons, and compete it did! The FA20DIT engine is built to accommodate high compression applications and delivers almost instant power on demand. While not as quick or powerful as the WRX STI, 197kw will put a smile on your face regardless of your expectations!
All Drive Subaroo offers a range of performance engines custom built to suit your individual application; whether you’re after a reliable standard replacement engine for daily driving, or an engine to support track and aggressive drag races, ADS can design the perfect engine to suit your needs.
Since the Levorg is still relatively new, and rumoured to be detuned from factory, we haven’t seen many engine failures. The FA20DIT seems to be quite reliable and should give long service life if properly maintained. Call All Drive Subaroo to see how we can assist you in engine and vehicle maintenance.

Repair and Replacement Options

At All Drive Subaroo, we don’t rebuild Levorg FA20DIT engines to standard specifications.
Although the FA20 engine isn’t widely acknowledged as carrying over the same excessive oil consumption faults as its EJ predecessor, we have noticed a developing trend in slight consumption issues and carry out our revision as a preventative procedure.
We offer 3 Levels in standard Levorg replacement engines; rebuilt, reconditioned and remanufactured units. All drive Subaroo also build the most robust and reliable FA20 engines in the market for high performance applications.

3 Build Levels

One of the key features of our reconditioned engines is our revision process. Over the last 26 years, we’ve established our own remanufacturing techniques to counter factory inherent weaknesses associated with particular models. This means that regardless of the build level, every ADS engine is assembled with our latest superseded parts and assembly procedures.
When deciding which engine is suitable for your application, you can select either a rebuilt, reconditioned or remanufactured engine assembly. The purpose of our 3 separate build levels is to accommodate for every individual budget we can; our basic rebuilt level 1 Levorg engine still boasts the same warranty terms as a brand new short block assembly purchased from Subaru.
Whichever build level you choose, it’ll be assembled with the highest quality components and installed by the best technicians in the country.

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