Subaru Door/Wing Mirrors


Vital and Vulnerable

Door mirrors are a highly vulnerable part of your Subaru's body. They are clipped in traffic by cars passing too close, banged on walls in parking lots, or broken by random vandals. Most door mirrors are now power operated and are subject to all the usual mechanical and electrical problems of such devices. They are also a vital safety device and you should never drive without them both functioning properly.


Huge Second Hand Subaru Door Mirror Inventory

We have a wide range of genuine new and used Subaru door mirrors. If one of your mirrors is broken, or fails, we can supply, fit and paint to match the correct replacement for your precise model and year with no delay. We can also supply parts for your mirror assembly, including:

  • Mirror glass
  • Mirror repair kit
  • Side lamp assembly
  • Complete mirror assembly
  • Mirror cover cup
  • Activating switches

Manufacturer No

91039AC030, 91039AC041, 91039AC160, 91039AG010, 91039AG080, 91039AG260, 91039AJ000, 91039AJ010, 91039AJ100, 91039AJ110, 91039AJ120, 91039AJ121, 91039AJ130, 91039AJ131, 91039CA010, 91039FG030, 91039FG080, 91039FG090, 91039FG100, 91039SC040, 91039SC050, 91039SC070, 91039SC150, 91039SC160, 91039VA050, 91039VA100, 91039XA00A, 91039XA01A, 91031AE460WG, 91031AE470PE, 91031AE470TG, 91031AE470UV, 91031AE470WG, 91031AE640PE, 91031AE640UV, 91031AE640WG, 91031AE650QQ, 91031AE650UV, 91031AE650YF, 91031AE880TG, 91031AE880WG, 91031AG070BE, 91031AG070BH, 91031AG070LR, 91031AG070TE, 91031AG070VW, 91031AG070WZ, 91031AG071BE, 91031AG071TE, 91031AG071VW, 91031AG071WZ, 91031AG120BE, 91031AG120BH, 91031AG120GA, 91031AG120LR, 91031AG120TE, 91031AG120WZ, 91031AG121BH, 91031AG121GA, 91031AG121TE, 91031AG121WZ, 91031AG290LR, 91031AG290MD, 91031AG290TE, 91031AG320LE, 91031AG320MD, 91031AG320WU, 91031FC090NN, 91031FC091NN, 91031FC121NN, 91031FC121VF, 91031FE390NN, 91031FE390PG, 91031FE390RQ, 91031FE390TG, 91031FE390VO, 91031FE390WG, 91031FE391MJ, 91031FE391NN, 91031FE391PG, 91031FE391TG, 91031FE391VW, 91031FE391WG, 91031FE420NN, 91031FE420TG, 91031FE420VO, 91031FE420WG, 91031FE421DJ, 91031FE421LR, 91031FE421RQ, 91031FE421WG, 91031SA740, 91031SA750, 91031SA751, 91031SA890, 91031SA891, 91031SA900


Most Subaru replacement mirrors or parts can be installed while you wait at our Subaru workshop in Peakhurst. Check out our other service packages.

Mirror package 1

From $69 plus GST

New glass mirror

  • Remove broken mirror glass
  • supply and fit new replacement mirror glass
  • test operation
  • Quality control check

Mirror package 2

From $199 plus GST

Used mirror assembly unit

  • Remove broken mirror assembly
  • Supply and fit used, tested mirror assembly
  • test operation
  • paint to order (optional)
  • Quality control check

Mirror package 3

From $499 plus GST

New Mirror assembly unit

  • Remove broken mirror assembly
  • Supply and fit new Subaru mirror
  • test operation
  • paint to order (optional)
  • Quality control check

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If you're good with tools and want to replace the Subaru air compressor or evaporator kit yourself then we can supply you with all the necessary Subaru air conditioning parts, compressors, TX valves, evaporators and hoses. Our Subaru parts online website also offers a comprehensive range of new, pre-loved and reconditioned Subaru parts sourced locally and internationally. Our skilled technical staff will match you to the best part, at the best price. We will also provide technical advice and assistance in the installation of your parts.

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