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Subaru Brake Pad Replacement

Good brakes can make the difference between a safe stop and serious injury or death. Here at All Drive Subaroo, we use only genuine Subaru brake pads. While these are slightly more expensive than after-market pads, they are a superior product, longer lasting, more efficient, and more reliable than aftermarket pads. OEM pads are superior for a number of reasons, concerned with materials, research and manufacturing process. Decades of Subaru research have gone into the design and composition of OEM Subaru pads. No one knows Subaru cars like Subaru, and Subaru Japan have been working on perfectly matching their pads to their cars, striking a balance between hardness, and thermal efficiency, to produce optimal performance in a range of conditions. Genuine Subaru pads are made using an integrated hot moulding process, whereby the molten brake pad compound is pressed into a precise mould and hot-bonded to the metal brake shim. This assures a secure bond, and reduces pad movement and therefore noise. Subaru-Brake-Repairs-ad The unitary moulding and carefully crafted compound results in ultra quiet, efficient operation, especially when used with OEM Subaru brake rotors, which are designed to produce maximum braking efficiency in combination with OEM Subaru pads. The result is sure, fade-free braking and long service life. Aftermarket pads on the other hand are significantly less efficient. After the pad has been heated and pressed, a shim is glued to the pad. The glue adhesion has been known to fail, resulting in loose brake pads. To keep prices down, aftermarket manufacturers, as might be expected, use the cheapest raw materials they can find, resulting in pads that are either too soft, and shed large quantities of black brake dust, or too hard, resulting in noisy brake operation and rapid rotor wear. Aftermarket pads are also inconsistent in terms of braking efficiency. It's not uncommon for owners to complain that their brakes just aren't the same after the fitting of after-market pads, that they need more pedal pressure, and that often they experience pulsing or shuddering though the brake pedal soon after the fitting of the cheap pads. This is because pads made from cheap materials generate excessive heat, which can warp rotors. Problems like this are typically not covered under warranty. On top of all that, after market pads sometimes get half the service life of the OEM product.

Manufacturer No

26296FG010, 26296SA020, 26296AC021, 26296FA001, 26296AA163, 26296AC000, 26296PA020, 725191151, 26296SA020, 26296SC011, 26296SC000, 26296AE210, 26296FE090, 26296FE070, 26296AE220, ST2850055330, 26296FE020, 26296AJ010, 26296XA010, 26296FE100
Whatever your requirements, we can take care of you without delay.

Subaru Brake Rotor Replacement

An essential part of any Subaru brake check or service is inspection and measuring of brake rotors. If your Subaru brake rotors are below specification, they must be replaced with quality new rotors. If the rotors are within specification, they must be machined to ensure they run true and that there is maximum contact surface between brake pad and rotor. Here at All Drive Subaru, we keep in stock a range of genuine OEM Subaru and high quality aftermarket Subaru compatible brake rotors for your Subaru Liberty, Impreza, WRX, STi, Tribeca, Forester or Leone.

Manufacturer No

26300FE000, 26300FE070, 26300AG001, 26300XA00A, 26300SA001, 26300AE071, 26300AE061, 26300AE091, 26700XA00A, 26700FG010, 26700AE081, 26700AE062, 26310AA151, 26700FE080, 26700AG001, 26700FG000, 26700FE050, 26700FE000, 26700FE050

Subaru Brake Caliper Replacement

  • We can repair all Subaru brake callipers, with brand new seals, dust-covers (boots), slider bushes, bleed nipples and pistons where necessary or requested.
  • Prices vary depending on model, whether front or rear calliper, quantity required, and any serious pre-existing faults.
  • We can supply new Subaru callipers on an exchange basis. Send us your old defective calliper and we'll give you a credit back on your brand new calliper.
  • We can supply brand new callipers or overhauled/reconditioned units.
  • Your Subaru brake callipers can usually be rebuilt within a day or two. We also offer an optional Subaru caliper painting service, which takes an additional day.

How can I know if my brakes needs replacing or service?

Brake pads can often become severely worn before you notice symptoms of brake problems. All OEM Subaru brake pads are equipped with a squeal warning that alerts you when the pads are due for replacement. Overall, signs that your brakes may need replacing include:
  • A high-pitched squeal when braking, from the OEM Subaru brake warning indicator
  • Grinding noises from the wheel when braking
  • Pulsing in the brake pedal indicating overheating and warped rotors
  • Brakes pulling to one side under braking
If you have any of these signs, or are in any doubt, bring your car in to All Drive Subaroo for a free inspection.
All Drive Subaroo staff

Niazi Helou

The Director of All Drive Subaroo workshop explains

“There are many signs that your Subaru braking system is not working at full efficiency. These include weak stopping power, spongy pedal feel, and the car pulling to one side or the other when braking, or grinding noises from the wheels. If you are experiencing any of these you need to get your brakes repaired immediately. All Drive Subaroo can quickly diagnose and repair all braking problem. With our well-stocked parts section, we have everything needed to get you safely back on the road in minimum time.”
Subaru brake rotors and pads


Most replacement brake packages, pads and rotors plus machining and road testing can be done in one day, drive in, drive out. We can provide loan vehicles for your convenience. A complimentary car wash is included after a comprehensive Subaru quality inspection, conducted by a senior Subaru mechanic before you collect your Subaru vehicle.

Brake Package 1

From $199 plus GST

Disc Rotor Machine

  • High quality disc precision grind
  • Bleed and top up with DOT 4
  • Repaired by Subaru specialist technician
  • Quality control check and test drive

Brake Package 2

From $339 plus GST

Brake Pad and Rotor Machine

  • 90 point vehicle maintenance inspection
  • Genuine Subaru brake pad set
  • High quality disc precision grind
  • Bleed and top up with DOT 4
  • Quality control check and test drive

Brake Package 3

From $449 plus GST

Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

  • 90 point vehicle maintenance inspection
  • Genuine Subaru brake pad set
  • High quality disc rotor set
  • Bleed and top up with DOT 4
  • Quality control check and test drive

Brake Package 4

From $529 plus GST

Brake Pad and Slotted Rotor Replacement

  • 90 point vehicle maintenance inspection
  • Genuine Subaru brake pad set
  • High quality HD slotted disc rotor
  • Bleed and top up with DOT 4
  • Quality control check and test drive

Brake Package 5

From $719 plus GST

STI Bembo Pad and Rotor Replacement

  • 90 point vehicle maintenance inspection
  • Genuine STI brake pad set
  • High quality disc rotor set
  • Bleed and top up with DOT 4
  • Quality control check and test drive

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If you're good with tools and want to replace the Subaru air compressor or evaporator kit yourself then we can supply you with all the necessary Subaru air conditioning parts, compressors, TX valves, evaporators and hoses. Our Subaru parts online website also offers a comprehensive range of new, pre-loved and reconditioned Subaru parts sourced locally and internationally. Our skilled technical staff will match you to the best part, at the best price. We will also provide technical advice and assistance in the installation of your parts.

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