Subaru Immobiliser & Key Coding

Got Subaru immobiliser or alarm problems in your Subaru? ADS can take care of all your Subaru ignition and immobiliser related problems, including immobiliser and remote key repairs, key coding and re-programming, and cloning of remote controls. Compared to Subaru dealerships, our repairs and services are a bargain.

Common problems include:

  • Alarm not sounding
  • Car starts then stops
  • Central locking inoperative
  • Car won't start and immobiliser flashing
There are many reasons for Subaru alarm or immobiliser failure – the data in electronically encoded key heads may become corrupted; the engine or immobiliser ECUs, or sensors and actuators may develop faults; and aerial coil reader rings can become damaged.  
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Subaru Key Pad System

Many WRX and STi Subaru Impreza models came fitted with an additional layer of security in the form of a second Brandt brand immobiliser system fitted at dealer level using a keypad system to input a code known only to the owner and to Subaru. These were added in response to a spate of thefts of WRX models. As these systems have aged, failures are beginning to occur, including engines failing to start and keypads failing to illuminate. At ADS we have a lot of experience with these systems and can find and fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

Subaru Key Replacement

Lost key? Many auto repairers want hundreds of dollars to supply a new Subaru key and matching ECU. At All Drive Subaroo we have the equipment to replace your key with a cloned copy at a fraction of the price and have you back on the road very quickly. We can supply key blanks, and code, cut, copy and electronically clone them for you.
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We can replace or repair your Subaru immobiliser system or key within one (1) day at our Subaru workshop in Peakhurst. We can provide loan vehicles for your convenience. A complimentary car wash is included after a comprehensive Subaru quality inspection, conducted by a senior Subaru mechanic before you collect your Subaru vehicle.

Security package 1

From $599 plus GST

Rhino RAM security system install

  • ECU and electronics check
  • Latest black wiring Rhino security system
  • Battery back up alarm siren
  • 3-point engine immobilisation
  • Mobile SMS advisory
  • Remote activation and alarm

Security package 2

From $420 plus GST

Genuine Subaru Key replacement

  • Supply OEM Subaru transponder Remote/Key
  • Cut key blade to code
  • Introduce key to engine management system
  • Check operation of all systems

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If you're good with tools and want to replace the Subaru air compressor or evaporator kit yourself then we can supply you with all the necessary Subaru air conditioning parts, compressors, TX valves, evaporators and hoses. Our Subaru parts online website also offers a comprehensive range of new, pre-loved and reconditioned Subaru parts sourced locally and internationally. Our skilled technical staff will match you to the best part, at the best price. We will also provide technical advice and assistance in the installation of your parts.

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